Setting up mail service in WAMP

The first time I found this article that helped me. All I needed was this line

sendmail_path = C:wampbinsendmailsendmail.exe -t

The second time I needed the sendmail.exe program and I followed this article.

Here is another article that helped on my second install, but used Gmail. This was being blocked by my internal firewall for using port 465.

The winner is this set up. It uses my Godaddy email account and port 80.

Thanks to all those other web developers out there for posting their findings.

I hope this helps someone else out there….


Back again and struggling with this all over again. The old ways aren’t working. I found this youtube video that seemed promising. Didn’t work either. Will try again later.


Unable to add attachment in Outlook Web App ( OWA )

Recently got a call about unable to add attachments in Outlook Web App ( OWA ). The person was using Firefox. The first thing they were missing was they weren’t selecting “This is a private computer”, but even after checking this option they would still get a security error.

They did have Internet Explorer, and when we used this and everything worked. There were two issues that came up. One was allowing Silver Light to interact in the browser and the other was allowing “Compatibilty View Settings” in the options of Internet Explorer. It auto populated with the web address so we just needed to click “add”.

I was unable to locate the settings in Firefox, but at least they were able to add the attachments and get the job done.

I hope this helps someone else out there….