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Joomla “invalid token” – redirect

Working on site locally my session timed out so I got the “invalid token” on the page. I sometimes get this when I am working in the admin area just working along ( JWA ). I find annoying and wanted … Continue reading

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Responsive fonts with vh and vw

Working on site I was trying out responsive fonts and set the font-size to 5vh. When I squeezed in the sides the font size didn’t change. When I turned on Firebug or Chrome’s developer tools the font shrunk. I discovered … Continue reading

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CSS three columns centered across a page.

I needed to have three boxes centered a containing div, and I needed it to be responsive. I am sure there is a better way, but this way worked the best for me. I hope this helps someone else … Continue reading

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Photo Gadgets Video – YouTube is Awesome

Saw this on YouTube and being a photographer for many years I really enjoyed this video.   I hope this inspires some to go shoot something…

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Twisting an image in Photoshop

I recently wanted to twist an image in Photoshop. I have Photoshop CS6. Found this tutorial on YouTube that taught me about “Puppet Warping”. I hope this helps someone else out there….

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Accessibility enhancements in Firefox

Recently attended a Drupal Camp and took a accessibility seminar presented by a guy name Charlie Cook with the National Federation of the Blind. He suggested making some changes in Firefox to make it easier to see where the “focus” … Continue reading

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Microsoft Outlook has stopped working – Eblast Email

We got some calls about issue today. Customers Outlook would crash and restart when clicking on an email with images. Email was working on November 10, 2015. Now on November 11, 2015 it is crashing. One customer mentioned the machine … Continue reading

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