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Find your Windows Product Key

Needed a product key for a Win 7 machine before I reinstalled. I used the instructions on the following page to get me the product code. I required me to use PowerShell. Finding Your Windows Product Key Is Easy – … Continue reading

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Joomla 3.6.3 Unable To Edit Module

I updated a bunch of sites yesterday after the 3.6.3 release. When I went to add the login module the edit page was complete white with a drop down box. I was deeply concerned and thought maybe this Gantry template … Continue reading

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Set Up SSL on Godaddy Hosting For My Joomla 3.6.3 Ecommerce Website

We have a economy web hosting package we are setting up a Joomla (3.6.3) website with Virtuemart. Easier than I thought. Because the SSL was purchased with the hosting all I had to do is go to my products. Click … Continue reading

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Help Sucuri Clean Sites

Sucuri Antivirus is a great service. I found an attack on a Joomla 3.5 site where a PayPal form and zip file were inserted into the images folder. There were the following clues to the attack: PHP & INI files … Continue reading

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Are Placeholders 508 Compliant and Should They Be Used Over Labels?

I have a cousin that is blind and fully uses the web. This is amazing to me. When I am building websites I often think about how my site could be used by people with life challenges. While redoing a … Continue reading

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JS Jobs – Not Displaying Company Logo on Job Search

I am taking JS Jobs component out for a test drive. I posted a few test jobs from a test company and logo doesn’t show on the jobs page. I was able to get this to work by doing the … Continue reading

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Solved – Joomla 3 Localhost – Could not instantiate mail function.

While working on a Joomla site in WAMP I went to test the email and got the following error. Notice Could not instantiate mail function. Here is how I fixed this. This could be the long way, but it worked … Continue reading

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Getting Google to crawl your site

hope While working on our Analytics today I realized Google hasn’t crawled one page in a couple of years. I changed the description in the spring of 2015 and in the Fall of 2016 Google’s index still shows the old … Continue reading

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Joomla Security Check Extension – trying this one out

Got an email from Joomshine about security. I have had a couple of Joomla sites get attacked, and really want not have to deal with lack of faith that the site is attacker proof. I downloaded this plugin “Securitycheck”, and … Continue reading

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