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Remove wer5.exe With Adlice Rouge Killer

We have a customer that is having this “wer5.exe” pop-up. I never saw the pop-up; however, I was able to get the program removed using Adlice’s Rougekiller. I tried Vipre antivirus and it didn’t find anything on the machine. I … Continue reading

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Google Anayltics Spam – Secret.ɢ You are invited! Enter only with this ticket URL. Copy it. Vote for Trump!

At first I thought I was going to get a bunch of photography business when I saw I got 149 visits in the past month to my photography website. I went to analyze the traffic and saw the following in … Continue reading

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What is my WordPress RSS feed URL?

I shouldn’t have struggled with this, but I did. Here is I hope this helps someone else out there…  

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Joomla – The MySQL server is running with the –read-only option so it cannot execute this statement SQL=DELETE FROM `#__session` WHERE `time` < '1479401841'

After deleting the website in fear it was attacked I discovered this article about simply deleting and adding back the sessions database. How do I fix a corrupt Joomla jos_session table This may have been my fix. If I have … Continue reading

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Google Getting Tough On Malware Or Web Masters

I came across this article about Google getting tough on Malware. Starts out talking about Google putting out warning messages to user that the site has malware. Forcing webmasters to clean it up. Though this puts pressure on Webmasters to … Continue reading

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Joomla Virtuemart – Warning, the Safe Path is not accessible

I am setting up a new virtumart store and got some errors I needed to work through, so I am documenting them so I don’t forget these setting again. ERROR: “Warning, the Safe Path is not accessible (does not exist … Continue reading

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Joomla 3.X – Log Out And Return To Home Page

I used this set up to for logging users out of Joomla and return them to the home page. I installed Sourcer plug-in to run some PHP. Just a great plug-in to use any ways. I create a link in … Continue reading

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JCE Mediabox – Popup Icon Set To No But Still Showing

I installed the recent beta of the JCE’s Mediabox because Ryan is working on a responsive version. It is working well; however, I was having an issue making the Popup Icon not show. I set it to not show, but … Continue reading

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Akeeba Backup In Joomla 3.6.2 To 3.6.4 – ERROR: The archive file is corrupt, truncated or archive parts are missing

I was struggling with this issue of upgrading a 3.6.2 site on a WAMP / localhost install. I would select to upgrade, Akeeba backup ran, the upgrade would crash with percent done as “NAN” or “not a number”. The fix … Continue reading

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How To Fix Attacked .htaccess File On Godaddy Shared Hosting

Got a call from a client about website not coming up. If you searched for the site in a search engine and clicked on any link to the site you got a page about a missing PHP file.  This site … Continue reading

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