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Google Optimize – Getting started and how it benefits?

I am starting down the path of Google Optimize. I am working on a new site and want to do some comparisons of what parts will do better. Starting with these places. Anybody has any advise or … Continue reading

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ROM and Other Acronyms for RFP Defined

Needed help with a Request For Proposal (RFP) and some of the acronyms in the RFP. The RFP came from the Army and they used terms like CBA – Compliance Based Assessment ROM – Rough Order of Magnitue I found … Continue reading

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Godaddy Hosted Website Attacked – PHP Files In Directories

We have a static HTML site built in 2013 that we maintain. We got a notification from Godaddy that there were malicious files in the website. I started to remove them, but wanted to see what was in them. When … Continue reading

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Divi – Turn Off Lazy Load On Images

Started a new project with Divi and needed lazy load to not happen on the home page. Looking around I found the following page which got me started. Divi Lazy Loading Images What I needed to do is go to … Continue reading

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