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Joomla Kickstart Restore – Blank White Page

Moved site from Localhost to Godaddy hosting and after I restored the site I got a completely blank screen in both the front end and backend. The source was completely blank. I found this on that let me see … Continue reading

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Theme cannot be used Gantry Hydrogen WordPress Site

I love blogging in WordPress, but often like Joomla to build sites. I have been playing around with Gantry’s Hydrogen template in Joomla and have been using it to build a new site for myself. My blog is in WordPress … Continue reading

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CSS :not selector – who know…

I never knew this existed. I am pretty sure I could have used it once or twice. Here is what Mozilla has to say about it. I hope this helps someone else out there…  

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Joomla Extension For Pop Ups

Some websites do a great job of getting your attention for a product but gives the user the power to get rid of the popup at their leisure. I stumble upon this site where the developer has created an awesome … Continue reading

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