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Open Port In Sonicwall For Security Camera

I recently had to open a port in an older Sonicwall Firewall to allow outside access to a companies security camera system. I found this video that was extremely helpful. His instructions are very logical and straight forward. I hope … Continue reading

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Google Analytics Not Displaying Full Page

Using Firefox I went into Google Analytics to see the results on a website recently launched and want to see if the SEO was going as planned. When I clicked on “landing pages” I was getting a double scroll on … Continue reading

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CSS Bird Animation – Tutorial

I got a request from a customer to make site like this one. First I needed to get the flying books working and I used this tutorial to get started.   This tutorial came in handy because they were … Continue reading

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This endpoint has been retired – Instagram API

Looking in on a customers website I was hit with a dialog box stating “This endpoint has been retired”. Not sure what to do I Googled it and found the following article. I was using a Instagram module, and … Continue reading

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Free Joomla Site And Hosting –

Got a great tip last night from the developer at BMoreCreative inc. He was having issues installing a Beta version of Joomla 4 for development purposes. Then he discovered not .org. I decided to give it a try myself. … Continue reading

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Using Google Fonts And Font Awesome In Photoshop

With a recent project I needed to design a mock-up for the customer in Photoshop. I was planning on using Font Awesome and Google Font Orbitron. I used this tutorial to show me how to download and install a Google … Continue reading

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ACYMailing Error 500 Layout listing not found.

I wanted to take this component for a test run. It is always on the top row of “Install from Web” tab. It is a hefty install. When finished I clicked on “Lists” to create a list and got the … Continue reading

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Vertical Align Text In li Tag Joomla Menu Button

I was matching another designer’s template where there are 4 big buttons, in different colors, with different icons, and different links. Very nice. I was using Joomla 3.8 so I created a menu and gave it a style of the … Continue reading

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Upgrade PHP 5.5 To 7 In WAMP

I installed Chronoforms 6 for WordPress and it requires PHP 5.6 or higher. I am running PHP 5.5 and 7.3 is available. This video got me started:   I downloaded PHP here: I moved the PHP.ini, wampserver.conf, and phpForApache.ini … Continue reading

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Using Built-in Font Awesome Fonts In DIVI

Divi theme has some built in icons that you can call in a style sheet such as the following: .someclass:before { font-family: “ETmodules”; content: “\6c”; } This will give me the icon of a pad and pencil. I originally got … Continue reading

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