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DIVI Customize Tag Landing Page

Divi’s portfolio modules and projects component make adding the project / portfolio a breeze. I found a short code from Surbma that allowed me to quickly add the project tags to the page. The issue I had is when the … Continue reading

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How To Create A Parallax Effect in Gantry

This actually isn’t just for Ganty. It just involves a little CSS. I needed it for a section in a Gantry template, but you can use this anywhere. I got this set up from good old W3Schools so you know … Continue reading

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Opposite Color – On the Web

I needed a quick opposite color and found this site which totally helped me in seconds. Opposite Color Tool I hope this helps someone else out there….  

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CSS Animation – Move And Then Stop

I am a little late to the CSS animation game. I just needed to slide a photo in a few hundred pixels and then have it stop. The following video helped me out. I hope this helps someone else … Continue reading

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Coding Resource Discovered.

Had a buddy Chris discover a new coding resource. I hope this helps someone else out there…  

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JCE Mediabox – Popup Icon Set To No But Still Showing

I installed the recent beta of the JCE’s Mediabox because Ryan is working on a responsive version. It is working well; however, I was having an issue making the Popup Icon not show. I set it to not show, but … Continue reading

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Distorted Animated Buttons by SVG filters

Stumbled upon this site today and found the buttons to be enjoyable. Not sure how I would use them yet. I hope this helps someone else out there….  

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Learning more about LESS and SASS

I found an interesting read about LESS and SASS. I am little behind the times on this, but I think this article is a good start. Sass vs. LESS I hope this helps someone else out there…  

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Speeding Up Joomla Page Load Times

I have been getting helpful emails from Dart Creations about speeding up page load times with my Joomla sites. Google has a page for testing page speeds and gives recommendations. Lesson 1: Turn on Joomla CacheĀ  – page caching … Continue reading

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Quick Responsive Photogallery – W3Schools

Had a page to build that showed an image to represent the customers services. I ended up discovering the following page that got me what I needed in a very short span of time. I hope this helps someone … Continue reading

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