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Issues Upgrating to Joomla 3.6 to 3.7 – don’t worry it is safe

I got the notification  that all my Joomla installs were ready for  the 3.7 update. I started with test sites and then moved my way to my productions sites. I have updated 12 sites so far and no issues. I … Continue reading

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I recently updated virtumart in a Joomla 3.6.5 site and got the following error. 1054 Unknown column ‘product_stockhandle’ in ‘field list’ SQL=UPDATE `#__virtuemart_products` SET `virtuemart_vendor_id`=’1′, It was longer than that, but I needed to fix the site so I don’t … Continue reading

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joomla Forgot your username? page indexed

To get to a customer’s site I Googled it and discovered the User name and Password reset pages are being indexed by Google. They show up as some of the top results. I quickly came across the following article that … Continue reading

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Solved – VirtueMart – Payments, Heidelpay Error Invalid extension update

This was bothering me and I was glad it was a quick fix. The following link took me to my fix. Basically “unpublishing” the “update site” was the ticket. I hope this helps someone else out there…  

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The site ahead contains malware Security error – how to fix

Clients site got the following message when users got to the site. My journey started with the host which was wrong. It was all google this time. Here are the steps to get google to review your site and take … Continue reading

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Have Google Not Take Bad Sites Linking To My Site In Consideration

Watching a Webinar from Sucuri their speaker Alycia Mitchell was asked about blocking bad sites that link to your site. She advised using Google’s Disavow tool. I hope this helps someone else out there…    

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Joomla Virtuemart – Change Sales Price Without Tax Text to What I Want

On a virtuemart project I wanted to show the Sale Price without Tax; however, I just wanted the text to read “Price”. Joomla Language Extension to the rescue. In the admin area go to Extensions >> Language >> Language Overrides. … Continue reading

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[Solved] – Joomla – Error displaying the error page: The apc Cache Storage is not supported on this platform.: The apc Cache Storage is not supported on this platform.

I got this error after upgrading the clients PHP version from 5.4 to 5.6 on Godaddy shared hosting. I couldn’t get back into the site after that. I would just get the following error on the front and back end. … Continue reading

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[Solved] – Not Getting Emails From Website or This sender failed our fraud detection checks and may not be who they appear to be

This issue started with website owner stopped getting emails from a recently moved website. Domain name is with Network Solutions, Hosting is with Godaddy, and email is through Office 365.  The issue only happened when the email address it was … Continue reading

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Solved – Office 365 / Not Receiving Emails From Website Form

Finished a site that is on Godaddy hosting, Domain is with Network Solution, and the Email is with Microsoft Office 365 Online.  The issue was the customer wasn’t receiving emails from the forms on the site. The form would send … Continue reading

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