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K2 – Limit Intro Text

I was surprised I wasn’t able to do this easier, but it looks like others have struggled with this as well. I did get it fixed, and was able to limit the word count. I didn’t make a override yet … Continue reading

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Joomla 3.7 Upgrade – Law Swift Template – K2 Content Module Displaying All The Posts

I purchased this theme last year and it has been great. I upgraded to Joomla 3.7 and the K2 content modules broke. They would display all the posts at once. I fixed this issue by uninstalling the T3 Framework … Continue reading

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Upload .vcf files in joomla

I wanted vcards or .vcf files to uploaded and downloaded from a joomla site so the customer could update them themselves. I had K2 installed on the site and it was easy for me to download the .vcf file, but … Continue reading

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K2 edit blog button not showing

I am using K2 component on a Joomla site and find it very useful. I was setting up Front-End adding and editing of K2 blog items.  Here is a great video for setting that up. I ran into this issue … Continue reading

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