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Install Common Programs With Ninite

Co-worker showed me this site to install a bunch of common programs without having to go to each site and click through the setting. I hope this helps someone else out there…  

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Unable to open PDF – Acrobat won’t reinstall or uninstall.

Had a customer call in because she was unable to open PDF’s since a Windows 10 Roll Back. Here are the steps I tried but I would always get the same error around 90% of the reinstall. Uninstalling and Reinstalling … Continue reading

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Unable to edit PDF – The file you have opened complies with the PDF/A standard

Opening a PDF it got the following error. Here is how you fix this. Go to Edit –> Preferences. Click on  “Documents” link in the upper left. Go down to “PDF/A View Mode” and select “never.” I hope this helps … Continue reading

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