White Label CMS – Brand WordPress CMS as your own

There is some much to learn and know about the various CMS systems out there. While working on a customers WordPress site I noticed how well the site was branded by the company that built it. I was Word-Im-Pressed for sure.

The plug-in was White Label CMS.

They also used Manuals Plug-in. This plug-in has a bunch of video tutorials to show administrators how to do different functions in WordPress. Here is a link to their site.



I hope this helps someone else out there…

Speeding Up Joomla Page Load Times

I have been getting helpful emails from Dart Creations about speeding up page load times with my Joomla sites.

Google has a page for testing page speeds and gives recommendations.


Lesson 1: Turn on Joomla Cache  – page caching

Lesson 2: Enable browser caching – browser caching

Lesson 3:  Enable GZip Compression – GZip compression

Lesson 4: Reduce / Compress Joomla images – compress images

Lesson 5:  Disable or remove unused plug-ins and Modules  – disable plugins

Lesson 6:  Try using JCH Optimize plugin –  JCH Optimize

Lesson 7:  Content Delivery Network – CDN
Your website can be given the ultimate speed boost by reducing the distance your content has to travel to reach its visitor. A Content Delivery Network (or CDN) delivers the heavy content of your site from a location which is very close to them. This is a trick major websites like Facebook, YouTube, CNN and NetFlix use to make sure their sites are fast. Images, CSS files, JS files, video and other content will have to travel much less. It does make your website lightning fast.

Lesson 8:  Put your site on a fast hosting platform – Hosting

Do yourself and (most of all) your website’s visitors a favour. Upgrade to a better hosting server. Get a faster website today. If you’re on a cheap plan – upgrade it.

Check out InMotion Hosting now. Or if you really love your website, go for a Virtual Private Server. They offer free transfers, so you don’t have to worry about down time or moving your site. It’s just plug and play.

Lesson 9: Use system fonts – This method was given to me by Bmorecreative, inc. They suggested the following article:


Lesson 10: Optimizing images – Optimize Images

I am also using a Joomart Template that uses the T3 framework, and here is a link that shows how to compress the CSS and JS files.


Theme Expert – has sent out a article on how they perfer to speed things up. I like the details the put into the article. Speeding up page load times without an additional plug-in.


I hope this helps someone else out there…


Joomla 3.X Strict standards: Only variables should be assigned by reference in – Solved

I was testing a clients website local host and it was throwing a bunch of errors in WAMP.

Strict standards: Only variables should be assigned by reference in

These errors were related to SuperFish Menu Module. I love SuperFish Drop-down menus, but I don’t love the module for Joomla yet.

I found this YouTube video that simply turns off Error messages on the Server settings in the Global Configuration.


I don’t think this is a perfect fix, but it helped me.

I hope this helps someone else out there….


Looking to use #include in WAMP

I am looking for a way to add Server Side Includes not PHP includes with my WAMP. Another programmer used them extensively and I am now working with his files. I plan to change the files over to PHP and include the header and footer that way, but I am curious about getting them to work with my WAMP the way it is set up out of the box.

I found this article, but I was unsuccessful. I will look into further to see if I can get it to work.



Pointing a Network Solutions Domain to a Godaddy Hosting

Struggling with a network solutions domain name going to a Godaddy hosting. Here is the process I ended up doing.

  • Setup new hosting account and added a temporary domain name. ( ie: domainname.com is the real name, and tempdomainname.com is the one I set up.)
  • Installed the site and it is reachable by tempdomainname.com.
  • Next I wanted to add the domain name that Networks Solutions has. I pointed the DNS to NSXX.domaincontrol.com ( XX representing the number of the name server).
  • On the Godaddy side I wanted to add the domain domainname.com ( the ultimate desired name), but it wouldn’t let me.
  • I had to add a TXT record to Network Solutions because the domainname.com hosting was also hosted on Godaddy. We had to perform a cease and desist in order to add the domain name.

Network Solutions:





Click continue and this will look like the txt record two image up.


At the My Products page you will see Domains, Web Hosting, and maybe Workspace email. Next to Web Hosting click “Manage“.

In the CPanel click Setting of the hosting package you want.



Enter the domain name you want ( ie: domainname.com )

NETWORK SOLUTIONS – Finishing up the A record

I found that only the “www.domainname.com” was resolving and the “domainname.com” was going to a Network Solutions “Under Construction Page.”

I needed to make sure all the IP addresses were pointing to the new hosting.

Go into the Network Solutions site and go to the specific domain name your need to fix. Here you see I only have the “www” A record pointing to the new IP address. Click “Edit A Records”.


Add the new IP to all the areas you need.


I hope this helps someone else out there….