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Have Google Not Take Bad Sites Linking To My Site In Consideration

Watching a Webinar from Sucuri their speaker Alycia Mitchell was asked about blocking bad sites that link to your site. She advised using Google’s Disavow tool. I hope this helps someone else out there…    

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What is my WordPress RSS feed URL?

I shouldn’t have struggled with this, but I did. Here is I hope this helps someone else out there…  

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Test websites integrity from Attacks

Sucuri gave a webinar today and the mentioned for checking to see if your site is blacklisted.      

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White Label CMS – Brand WordPress CMS as your own

There is some much to learn and know about the various CMS systems out there. While working on a customers WordPress site I noticed how well the site was branded by the company that built it. I was Word-Im-Pressed for … Continue reading

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[Solved] – Akeeba for WordPress – The output directory is not writable

I had to move a WordPress site from a test server to my localhost. When I finished my changes I went to run an Akeeba backup, but got the error that the default directory wasn’t writable. I found this article … Continue reading

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Solved – WordPress / Gravity Forms and Office 365 Not Receiving Emails

We had a customer move their email to Office 365. They realized they weren’t getting emails from the website anymore. Three people in the company with the same domain name in their email ( ie: ) were included in … Continue reading

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Get Geo Coordinates from Google Maps

I needed the Longitude and Latitude for a map plugin in a website. I had the address. I had used Google maps before to get the longitude and latitude but things have changed since then. The following article helped me. … Continue reading

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Hively Customer Feedback – tried it, liked it.

I recently used Securi to clean a wordpress site. If you have never used I would highly recommend them. They were fast and through. When the job was complete they had a “how did we do” box at the bottom … Continue reading

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Preview your godaddy website before a domain transfer

We often build a clients site on a hosting account where the domain  name hasn’t been transferred or the DNS has been pointed to the new hosting. A common way to solve this issue is to modify your host file … Continue reading

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What is SEO poisoning?

I found the following article that introduced me to the term “SEO poisoning.” I was considering this Cross-Site Scripting, but the code wasn’t malicious is was just leading back to another site selling their services. The term SEO poisoning … Continue reading

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