Delete A Facebook Page Someone Else Created

I had a client with a Facebook page that showed up before his regular website. Problems were he didn’t create the page or know who did. This page didn’t have content so competitors ads were taking up a majority of the screen. The page also had his old address.

What to do:

  1. Go to the Page you want to report
  2. Click the dropdown menu under the Page’s cover
  3. Select Report Page

I was able to associate my facebook account with the page and make edits. Facebook emailed me and let me know it was going to be about a week to be approved. It was done.

Here is where I found the information.

A week later Facebook emailed me asking for a bill to prove I was with the company. I still need to get this done, and I hope I can get control over this site.


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6 Responses to Delete A Facebook Page Someone Else Created

  1. dev sharma says:

    please help me…out ……
    someone has created fake page of mine… on face
    i want to know how to delet it

  2. mike turner says:

    So I looked at my Facebook main profile today, and under my other buisness/fan pages I noticed a page I did not create called “teen fashion”. When I go to click on it so I can remove it, Facebook always crashes and I can never access the page to delete it. Recently someone hacked my verified fan page and its totally gone, which is fine I started a new page in replace of it after reporting my old page that is nowhere to be found now. But I’m wondering if someone can gain access to my main profile page if they hacked one of my fan pages? Alos how can I remedy this situation of this new page that I didn’t create that every time I click on it Facebook crashes giving me no access to the page to delete it myself.

  3. Grimey says:

    I am not sure how to do that. Facebook changes their interface so often. If I find out how I will write you back.

  4. nafanua vitolio auvaa says:

    Pls help me out….someone made a fake page and say bad stuff about my church..

  5. april joy says:

    Pls help me on how to delete a page….someone hacked my facebook account and turned it into a page and now he/she is using it to post pornographic videos. It is degragading because my friends in the account before might think that t’was me who is posting the videos because the name of the page was my name which is not.

  6. Grimey says:

    You have to report the page to Facebook. I haven’t used Facebook in a while so my instructions are unfortunately probably out-of-date.

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