Granting access to another user in Log me in

Here is the scenario, we run LogMeIn Central and we manage a host of customers. One of customers wanted remote access. Here is what I did.

Under our logmein account I went to users >> Add Users. I put in their email address. Selected the group. Then in the “Group/Computer Permission” I hit the radio button for “Specify the groups and computers the selected user can access”. I selected the machine I wanted to give access to. Hit “Send Invitation”.

The next step was to go on the clients machine and grant access so they won’t have to have admin rights. Once on their machine go to the start menu. Right-click on “Log Me In Control Panel” and select “Run as administrator”.  Go to “Options” >> “Security” >> “Show details…”. Hit the “Browse…” >> Choose domain.  After you select the right Domain hit the “List users of selected domain” button. Find your user and click “OK”.

Two important parts are next. Under “Master settings” select “Full Control”. You must hit the “Add” button. When you hit add the user will show up in the users panel. Make sure it shows “full control” next to their name. Click “OK” and you should be done.

Hope this helps someone else….


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