Pointing a Network Solutions Domain to a Godaddy Hosting

Struggling with a network solutions domain name going to a Godaddy hosting. Here is the process I ended up doing.

  • Setup new hosting account and added a temporary domain name. ( ie: domainname.com is the real name, and tempdomainname.com is the one I set up.)
  • Installed the site and it is reachable by tempdomainname.com.
  • Next I wanted to add the domain name that Networks Solutions has. I pointed the DNS to NSXX.domaincontrol.com ( XX representing the number of the name server).
  • On the Godaddy side I wanted to add the domain domainname.com ( the ultimate desired name), but it wouldn’t let me.
  • I had to add a TXT record to Network Solutions because the domainname.com hosting was also hosted on Godaddy. We had to perform a cease and desist in order to add the domain name.

Network Solutions:





Click continue and this will look like the txt record two image up.


At the My Products page you will see Domains, Web Hosting, and maybe Workspace email. Next to Web Hosting click “Manage“.

In the CPanel click Setting of the hosting package you want.



Enter the domain name you want ( ie: domainname.com )

NETWORK SOLUTIONS – Finishing up the A record

I found that only the “www.domainname.com” was resolving and the “domainname.com” was going to a Network Solutions “Under Construction Page.”

I needed to make sure all the IP addresses were pointing to the new hosting.

Go into the Network Solutions site and go to the specific domain name your need to fix. Here you see I only have the “www” A record pointing to the new IP address. Click “Edit A Records”.


Add the new IP to all the areas you need.


I hope this helps someone else out there….




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