Solved – WordPress / Gravity Forms and Office 365 Not Receiving Emails

We had a customer move their email to Office 365. They realized they weren’t getting emails from the website anymore. Three people in the company with the same domain name in their email ( ie: ) were included in the contact us form weren’t getting the emails anymore.

The site was WordPress and they were using Gravity Forms for the contact us form. I added my personal email and I could get the email, but the customer didn’t.  I eventually discovered the email was going into the “Junk” box of their Office 365 account. I needed to “whitelist” the email that was used in the Gravity Form form. That was “”.

What eventually solved everything was “whitelisting” their domain in Office 365. I had to go into their Office 365 account as the Admin. Go to the Exchange area.


Select Spam Filter in the Protection menu.


Edit the default spam filter.


Lastly, add the domain to the allow lists.



I hope this helps someone else out there…


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  1. Chris Dobbie says:

    Thanks for solving my problem! I am using Contact Form 7, not Gravity Forms.
    I had tried clicking the “Junk mail->Never block this sender” in Outlook but that didn’t work. Your solution worked.
    I took it one step further and only whitelisted the “” address rather than the whole domain, and that seems to work too.

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