WS FTP site .ini file location

I use an older version of WSFTP (8.0). I wanted to backup the .ini file that holds all the site configurations. I was unable to locate it, but eventually search enough and found it.

WS support says the path is:


Here is the path I needed to get the file.

C:\users\<username>\AppData\local\VirtualStore\Program Files(x86)\Common Files\Ipswitch\WS_FTP\Sites\WS_FTP.ini

I hope this helps someone.

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4 Responses to WS FTP site .ini file location

  1. Banai says:

    It helps me. Thank you.

  2. carey says:

    yes this helps, especially with older versions like ver. 6

  3. daniel says:

    I want to transfer the .INI file that hold all the site locations to a new installation on my new computer. Same problem. I am using Windows 10 and WS_FTP v12.0. Can anyone help me find the file.

  4. Jonathan says:

    It helped me, too.
    Thank you so much.

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