I had a client with a Facebook page that showed up before his regular website. Problems were he didn’t create the page or know who did. This page didn’t have content so competitors ads were taking up a majority of the screen. The page also had his old address.

What to do:

  1. Go to the Page you want to report
  2. Click the dropdown menu under the Page’s cover
  3. Select Report Page

I was able to associate my facebook account with the page and make edits. Facebook emailed me and let me know it was going to be about a week to be approved. It was done.

Here is where I found the information.


A week later Facebook emailed me asking for a bill to prove I was with the company. I still need to get this done, and I hope I can get control over this site.

This did work. Things are always changing at Facebook, and I just recently stumble on this link to report the issue with Facebook.