Thursday, February 09, 2023

SEO & SEF Titles in Joomla 2.5

When using Analytics or something similar to see what pages are getting viewed Joomla needs to be tweaked. On Linux hosting here are the steps.

  1. Rename the htaccess.txt file on the server to .htaccess
  2. In the Admin section of Joomla go to Global Configuration
  3. Under Site >> SEO Settings >> Check yes to the following:
    Search Engine Friendly URLs
    Use URL rewriting


ip: joomla in my Google Analytics organtic search traffic.

Today I noticed “ip: joomla” as a organic keyword search in my google analytics account. Here is what i did next.

      1. Put the whole “ip: joomla” in the url bar and hit enter. The browser didn’t recognize the “ip:” part. When I deleted it and hit enter again. This didn’t get me much.

I googled “ip: joomla”. The top result led me to

      . Here I was looking for my site but saw a customers site. I verified the analytics number and they matched.

The site shows how the others sites are built. I could easy see other Joomla and WordPress sites. Curious if this info is used by hackers to go after these types of sites.

I found another customer’s site.