iPhone not syncing with Exchange

We have had several calls about someone getting a new iPhone 6 and now they are no longer receiving the company emails which are handled with an Exchange server. We set up the connection, and get all check marks but still won’t sync. Here is what we have found to solve it.

  1. In Active Directory click on “View” and check “Users, Contacts, Groups, and Computers as containers.”
  2. Next the user with the issue is now a plus sign.
  3. Expand the plus sign and select “ExchangeActiveSyncDevices”.
  4. Remove any entries and the person should now be able to connect.

Outlook “Sorry we are having trouble opening this item. This could be temporary..”

Had a couple of users that were getting this error:

“Sorry, we’re having trouble opening this item. This could be temporary, but if you see it again you might want to restart Outlook”

They use an Exchange server. This was solved by rebuilding the Outlook profile. Here were the steps.

  1. Go into the control panel >> mail >> show profiles.
  2. Add a new profile, and click next. It should find the users credentials from the exchange server
  3. Check “Prompt for a profile to be used.”
  4. Restart Outlook and select the new profile.
  5. Then go back to the control panel >> Mail >> Show Profile and select “Always use this profile. Use the dropdown and select the new profile. Hit apply.
  6. You may need to restart outlook a few times for everything to work properly. At the bottom of Outlook will see outlook adding the emails back into this new profile.
  7. When everything is working you can delete the old profile.