Thursday, February 09, 2023

QuickBooks 2015 – update – This company file needs to be updated. Please ask you Quickbooks Administrator to update the files.

We got a call for this issue.


The client upgraded from QuickBooks 2012 to 2015 on two machines. After that they were unable to open their two company files.

I upgraded the copy on their server. That wasn’t a total fix.

I found the admin account in some documentation. Didn’t know the password but was able to reset it. After that we opened the company file with the admin account. The file updated itself and after that the QuickBooks file was good to go.

I hope this help someone out there….


Removing Genieo app or virus from a Mac

We had a couple of customers that got Genieo on their machines and needed it removed.

Another tech advised to use this link’s instructions. Make sure to reset the browsers to clear out any unwanted effects from the program.

This link is very detailed about cleaning up the browser.

Youtube video where the person uses “App Cleaner” to remove the program in less than a minute.

Restarting PHP on Godaddy Linux Hosting

We were installing a new installation of Joomla 3 on our Godaddy shared hosting account. The PHP magic quotes was set to on and we needed to turn them off.


We made changes to the htaccess.txt file because of an article we found that suggested this. We made the change but still won’t install.

We need to restart php after the changes were made, but didn’t know how to do this on shared hosting. We called Godaddy and while on hold I found the answer.

Just needed to add the following to “php5.ini” file in the root directory of our hosting account. Thanks to “

magic_quotes_gpc = Off

I hope this helps someone else out there….

WebsiteBack Company Invoice – is this a scam?

We have some customers that have received invoices from for $70.00. The customer had never done business with this company before. I thought it might be attached to their hosting account when they signed up, but it wasn’t. I did a search for “Websitebackup + scam” and found a bunch of hits.  Below is one….

I hope this helps someone else.

Add Google Map to Joomla Article

The best way to embed a google map into Joomla.

Search for the address in Google maps.


Click on the Setting gear.



Select “Share or embed map”.


Select “Embed map”, and copy the Iframe code.


Install some kind of code embedding plugin into Joomla. I used Sourcer.



I hope this helps someone out there….