Thursday, February 09, 2023

PUA – InstallCore (fs) detected by my Vipre Antivirus

Last week I had to rebuild my machine due to a worm that made its was into our office. We use Vipre antivirus and I had trouble reinstalling it. There was an expired license issue that we needed to resolve. When the Vipre agent finally got installed on my machine we got a warning of threat found on my machine.

One quick Google search lead me to the following link.

I hadn’t installed many programs yet, but Firefox was one of them. I don’t remember where I downloaded Firefox from, but I usually go to the organizations site to download. These one may have come from SourceForge.

Hively Customer Feedback – tried it, liked it.

I recently used Securi to clean a wordpress site. If you have never used I would highly recommend them. They were fast and through.

When the job was complete they had a “how did we do” box at the bottom of the screen. This link took me to a quick survey made by Hively and integrated into Sucuri’s site.

I really like the way it worked. I don’t know a ton about the service but the experience was very pleasant. I am suggesting to check them out.

I hope this helps….

Find the MySQL database structure by using PHP.

Had a friend that needed to find his database structure without having cPanel or PHPmyAdmin. I found this page and it was a huge help.

He also links to Kirupa. This guy is one of my favorite Flash developers. If you have never been to his site you need to check it out.

I hope this helps some one else…


Unlock are secure PDF without a password

Recently got an quote from a vendor, but needed to submit an invoice. The vendor was okay with me altering the PDF so the invoice could get submitted in time; however, they couldn’t make the change  and neither could I. I have full blown Acrobat 10, but the I didn’t have the password.

I found a link to that had some steps to get around the security.

The technique that worked best for me was the following website.

I hope this helps someone else out there….

Joomla site Google Analytics – “please enter the email address associated with your user account. your username will be emailed to the email address on file.” three

I recently started to see “please enter the email address associated with your user account. your username will be emailed to the email address on file.” in my Analytics of my Joomla 3.x sites.

My first Google search takes me to Akeeba’s site.

My next step is to contact Joomla and Akeeba to see if this is going to be an issue.

I will post more info if I get. I hope this shed some light on this.