Hively Customer Feedback – tried it, liked it.

I recently used Securi to clean a wordpress site. If you have never used I would highly recommend them. They were fast and through.

When the job was complete they had a “how did we do” box at the bottom of the screen. This link took me to a quick survey made by Hively and integrated into Sucuri’s site.

I really like the way it worked. I don’t know a ton about the service but the experience was very pleasant. I am suggesting to check them out.

I hope this helps….

Find the MySQL database structure by using PHP.

Had a friend that needed to find his database structure without having cPanel or PHPmyAdmin. I found this page and it was a huge help.

He also links to Kirupa. This guy is one of my favorite Flash developers. If you have never been to his site you need to check it out.

I hope this helps some one else…


Unlock are secure PDF without a password

Recently got an quote from a vendor, but needed to submit an invoice. The vendor was okay with me altering the PDF so the invoice could get submitted in time; however, they couldn’t make the change  and neither could I. I have full blown Acrobat 10, but the I didn’t have the password.

I found a link to that had some steps to get around the security.

The technique that worked best for me was the following website.

I hope this helps someone else out there….