Thursday, February 09, 2023

JCE Mediabox close button position on the left

I love the JCE mediabox for my Joomla builds. Recently the client wanted a responsive website to open a popup to a site that wasn’t responsive. The JCE mediabox settings of:

  • Resize Popup – No
  • Scrolling – Yes

The settings allowed the Popup to display the whole window. The overlay didn’t stretch all the full width so I added the following to my CSS.

#jcemediabox-popup-overlay {

min-width:1200px !important;


The next issue was the close button was on the right and hard to find. The user really had to scroll. To make it easier for the end user I wanted to put the close button on the left.  I used this link to help me get started:

I opened the following file “plugins/system/jcemediabox/themes/standard/css/styles.css ” and did a find for “jcemediabox-popup-closelink”. I changed “right:-15px;” to “left:-15px;” and the closed button was on the left just where I needed it.

I hope this helps someone else out there …


Pointing a Network Solutions Domain to a Godaddy Hosting

Struggling with a network solutions domain name going to a Godaddy hosting. Here is the process I ended up doing.

  • Setup new hosting account and added a temporary domain name. ( ie: is the real name, and is the one I set up.)
  • Installed the site and it is reachable by
  • Next I wanted to add the domain name that Networks Solutions has. I pointed the DNS to ( XX representing the number of the name server).
  • On the Godaddy side I wanted to add the domain ( the ultimate desired name), but it wouldn’t let me.
  • I had to add a TXT record to Network Solutions because the hosting was also hosted on Godaddy. We had to perform a cease and desist in order to add the domain name.

Network Solutions:





Click continue and this will look like the txt record two image up.


At the My Products page you will see Domains, Web Hosting, and maybe Workspace email. Next to Web Hosting click “Manage“.

In the CPanel click Setting of the hosting package you want.



Enter the domain name you want ( ie: )

NETWORK SOLUTIONS – Finishing up the A record

I found that only the “” was resolving and the “” was going to a Network Solutions “Under Construction Page.”

I needed to make sure all the IP addresses were pointing to the new hosting.

Go into the Network Solutions site and go to the specific domain name your need to fix. Here you see I only have the “www” A record pointing to the new IP address. Click “Edit A Records”.


Add the new IP to all the areas you need.


I hope this helps someone else out there….



Outlook 2010 – Safe Mode – Unable to search by week – Solved

Had a customer call in today who was unable to search a mailbox by week. We discovered that it worked on Monday December 7, 2015 but not on Thursday. Also that the machine was restarted on Wednesday morning. “Patch Tuesday” came to mind.

Their office administrator found a link on the web that matched our symptoms of:

  • Unable to search
  • Outlook running in safe mode.

We removed “KB3114409” update and the problem was solved.

I hope this helps someone else out there…


Check on DNS propagation

Pointed a domain name from Network Solutions to Godaddy hosting. 15 minutes later the domain isn’t resolving.

I called Godaddy tech support to see it is an issue with the folder I put the site in. They sent me this following site to see the propagation results. I found it very helpful.

Put in my Domain name, selected “NS” for Name Server and hit “Search”.  It came back to tell me only one server had been updated. 30 minutes later four servers had been updated.

I hope this helps someone else out there….