Another Joomla! update just two days after the 3.6.1 update. It is getting stressful to stay on top of all these update and the pitfalls one can encounter.

Here are some tips I have come across this morning.

Joomla –

JoomlaShack –

I have updated a few sites this morning and had no real issues. I did have to do the following to get everything to work.

  • Go to Extension > Manage > Database.
  • Click “Fix”.

I had to upgrade my Akeeba to 5.1.4 on one site first before the update worked.

This brings about the question of how much to charge customers to keep the site up-to-date. That will depend on how much you charge per hour and how complicated the site is to review to ensure the upgrade didn’t break anything. Here are some things I am putting into considerations.

  • Time it takes to upgrade( 30 minutes ) I timed my 3.6.1 update to 3.6.2. It took about half a hour to update Akeeba, run the Joomla update, clear the cache and quickly check the site.
  • How many Joomla Updates per year – ( 10 times per year ) I wasn’t able to find this out directly, but another site that did a comparison on CMS’s stated that every 31 days is Joomla’s update cycle, so roughly 10 updates per year. That brings us to about 5 hours per year in just updating the Joomla! core if nothing goes wrong.

I hope this helps someone else out there…