[Solved] – Chronoforms Dropdown Selected Item

Working a Joomla! 3.6.4 site and using Chronoforms V5 the customer wanted a dropdown item to start in the middle.


It was easier than I thought.  Here is what I had to do in the back end.

In the form designer I selected the dropdown element and added the Options item value I wanted to be the selected it, and added that in the “Selected Values”. The option I was looking for was the 100,000.


I hope this helps someone else out there….



[Solved] – Adding An Administrator To WordPress Using PHPMyAdmin

We host a multi-site website for a customer an one section was pulling the data from a WordPress install. There wasn’t any documentation on the WordPress install so I couldn’t log into the site.

This article helped me out. Gotta love InMotion hosting.


I hope this helps someone else out there…