Solved – Chronoforms V5 won’t add database entry because of duplicate id – 1062 – Duplicate entry ’28’ for key ‘PRIMARY’

I had to hard code a URL and pass some parameters to a Chronoform in an article. The form submitted to a database. The form submission was taking the article ID as the form’s unique ID, so I could only submit once.

Bob Janes with Chronoforms totally fixed my issue with unsetting the varible with custom PHP.

I hope this helps someone else out there…



Overriding CSS in Chronoforms 5

I needed to override the standard CSS in Chronoforms. I was using the GCoreUI styling. When the screen size was less than 700px wide the input boxes went below the label, but the label text was still right aligned. I wanted the text to switch to left align.

I quickly found my answer here.

In the “Setup” tab I added “load CSS” after the “Render HTML” in the load area. It worked great. I was even able to use a media query to when using the “Load CSS”

I wanted to use an external CSS file because it is easier to for me to read. I had to use the following path to link the external CSS file.

../../path to the css file.

I hope this helps someone else out there…