Custom Dictionary Is Not Available Word 2016

Had a customer who was having an issue adding a custom dictionary to the Microsoft Word. I found the following article that walked me through what to do.

Start by clicking File > Options > Proofing.

Add the custom dictionary.

We unchecked the RoamingCustom.dic. Clicked “Add”, and gave this new dictionary a name. Word asked if we were sure we wanted to add this new one. We clicked okay, and everything was working again.

I hope this helps someone else out there…


[Solved] – Error 0x80070718: Not enough quota is available to process this command.

We had a client getting this error when trying to save to a share drive.


When I google the error code I got a bunch of links; however, this one was the one that helped me.

Here are the basic steps.

Control Panel  >>  Sync Center >>  Offline Files >>  Manage Offline Files (left hand side) >>  Disk Usage tab >>  Change Limits

I hope this helps someone else out there…