chronoforms multi-select Checkbox Group Last Item Only

I used Chronoforms to build a form that had checkboxes where a user could select more than one option; however, when it got submitted and I got the email only the last item showed.

I found this article, but I was still didn’t understand.

Bob Janes was mentioning to the other user to use “[]” in the field group name. I didn’t find any “group name”, just the name of the field in the chronoforms element.  The first time I added it there it didn’t work but eventually it was working. So below is an image of what and where to add the “[]”.


I also used a “array handler” element from Chronoforms. It is in the basic setup section.


Make sure the “Array handler” is above the email container.

I hope this helps someone else out there.



  1. Thanks, this helped a lot.
    But now I have another probelm. The email comes formated like this:
    array ( 0 => ‘Truckload’, 1 => ‘Rail’, 2 => ‘Warehouse’, )


  2. Robert, sorry for the delayed answer. Make sure the “array handler” is above the email container. In the body of the email I have the following:

    Estate Planning {estate}

    I hope that helps.

  3. Robert, I updated the post with how the “array handler” should be placed in the “setup” of the form.

    I hope this helps you out buddy….

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