Example of a Phishing Attempt Using An Email From Apple

If often get asked why someone would attack a website. It is often for financial gain. If the attacker can get a hold of your credentials then they can impersonate you on-line. Meaning if they get your bank credentials they will have access to your bank. If they get your Apple ID credentials then the can access you Apple account and buy stuff.

I got an email from Apple today to login to my account.

In this image you can see that when I put my cursor over the hyperlink in the email it is going to “natuursteendoker.be/zooology.php”.   I see attacked websites with strange named PHP files with redirects in them. This can easily redirect a user to site ready to deliver a malicious payload or virus.  Could be a key tracker that phones home with each key stroke or screen captures every 5 seconds.

I hope this helps someone else out there….



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