Wednesday, January 20, 2021

JCE Mediabox close button position on the left

I love the JCE mediabox for my Joomla builds. Recently the client wanted a responsive website to open a popup to a site that wasn’t responsive. The JCE mediabox settings of:

  • Resize Popup – No
  • Scrolling – Yes

The settings allowed the Popup to display the whole window. The overlay didn’t stretch all the full width so I added the following to my CSS.

#jcemediabox-popup-overlay {

min-width:1200px !important;


The next issue was the close button was on the right and hard to find. The user really had to scroll. To make it easier for the end user I wanted to put the close button on the left.  I used this link to help me get started:

I opened the following file “plugins/system/jcemediabox/themes/standard/css/styles.css ” and did a find for “jcemediabox-popup-closelink”. I changed “right:-15px;” to “left:-15px;” and the closed button was on the left just where I needed it.

I hope this helps someone else out there …



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