Microsoft Outlook has stopped working – Eblast Email

We got some calls about issue today. Customers Outlook would crash and restart when clicking on an email with images. Email was working on November 10, 2015. Now on November 11, 2015 it is crashing. One customer mentioned the machine did a bunch of updates the night before.

I looked at the lastest installed Microsoft updates. There were a bunch on 11-11-2015. I started uninstalling any related directly to Outlook. In one case this customer was using Outlook 2010. There were several:

  • kb3085560
  • kb2553305

None of these fixed the issue. There were around 15 more updates specifically related to Office. I didn’t get into uninstalling these one at a time, because it was taking about 5 minutes per update. It wouldn’t let me group remove the updates.

I was unable to resolve the issue, but I got 3 calls about the same thing. Hoping Microsoft discovers the error and fixes this in there next set of patches.


I hope this helps someone else out there….



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