Network Solutions Worst Email Provider

Purchasing a “Professional” email product for a customer, and found it to be the worst email set up I have ever dealt with. Almost impossible to purchase it yourself and had to call customer support to get it done. After I set up the account the password wasn’t working. I logged in and reset it, but this took several attempts. After being on hold for 40 minutes the account finally showed up in my products.

While on a chat one of the options was to chat with someone. I am in the middle of a chat, so chat shouldn’t be an option.

Once the account showed up after logging in and out a few times I still couldn’t get the password reset to take. I used a password generator, and that still didn’t help. Back onto another phone call with them. This whole process took over 2.5 hours. When I had my third call with tech support they told me their password system was down with a known issue.

The worst email set up I have ever been through. Their products are junk and should be avoided.

I hope this helps someone else out there….


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