Solved – Cumulative Update for Windows 10 KB3213986 Fail

Had a customer who’s computer was taking hours to start. The update would install automatically. When the user would shut down or restart the update would install which took an hour and requires a reboot. The machine when rebooting would take a long time to install the update. It would get to 100% run into an error and would have to uninstall the update.

Windows 10 doesn’t allow a user to not install updates. Suggestions said to run SFC /now in the command prompt as the administrator. For the scan came back with no errors.

I tried the Windows updater trouble-shooter tool, but this didn’t fix the issue. Here is the link I used.

This following YouTube video makes the suggestion to download the update and manually install it. A number of comments said this worked for them.

They link to the following page:

I installed the first update. Restarted machine.

There were two updates for this Cumulative Update. The main update and the Security update.

I installed the main update. It took a couple of hours. I tried to run the second update; however, it said I had the wrong version. The update packages came from the same page, so I assumed I just needed to restart.

The machine took 6 hours to restart. While restarting it said it was installing the updates do not restart. When it got to the end it said there was an error and un-installing the update.

The winner was to go into “Programs and Features”.  In the “Windows” updates area find the troubling KB and remove it.  Run the update manually and this should resolve that issue.

I hope this helps someone else out there….




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