upload a .pst into office 365 online

  1. Purchased new microsoft 365 account
  2. Set up outlook on a machine and downloaded all the Godaddy emails.
  3. Exported downloaded emails and exported to a .pst
  4. Downloaded Azure and used their command lines to upload the file.
  5. Created a user mapping file
  6. In 365 at the bottom go to Admin. I went through the steps in the link below of adding “Mailbox Import Export” Role and adding the right “member”
  7. I used the video down below to set up the users original “@whatever.com” email address. I had to add some txt records, cname, and mx records.
    old exhchange settings
  8. Back in the admin section of 365 I went to “Import” in the left side menu. I created a new “upload over network”. This is where the Azure step comes back in. You’ll link back to the .pst in this step. You will also need your mapping file.



This link was a great way to use the existing email address and port it to the “.onmicrosoft.com” email address.



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