Using JavaScript to Remove Class in Joomla

Needed to remove a class from a Gantry Menu Particle, because I wanted to easily add “rel=”canonical””. I really hate when something simple in plain HTML becomes a headache in a CMS like Joomla. I probably went about this the hard way, but here is the method I came up with.

  • Use “Sourcerer” plug-in to put CSS in the page. This was in the article first, then the Gantry Menu Particle, and then JavaScript.
  • I used a Gantry Particle Menu, because it is easy to put in the “rel” tag.
  • Use “Sourcerer” plug-in to put Javascript in the page. I used the following two lines. First gets the ID of the module and then removing the class on the “nav” item.

    var element = document.getElementById(“module-menu-298-particle”).getElementsByClassName(“g-main-nav”)[0];

Let me know if this helped you….


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