Zip Opener / Trojan Virus – download

While trying to learn Backtrack I somehow clicked on something that initiated a download of ZipOpenerSetup.exe. The AVG antivirus caught a trojan virus. Here are the pages I was on:

I was downloading several items, so when an installer popped up I choose to run it. That’s when AVG jumped in. I wondered why I was installing a Zip program. I already have several. I canceled the install and it took me to this page.

By using the URL above I found where to download the software I am labeling as Malware.

Beware of what downloads you click on!

When googling “ZipOpener malware” I found some people had/have issues with this, and I don’t find a page to download it. I was either careless with my mouse clicks, could be cross-site scripting, or it could have been something else.

Top it all off I realized it left a desktop icon so I would complete the installation.

I ran a Malware Bytes scan and it returned 7 items it found as known threats, and the reinstall for Zip Opener was one of them. There were also some other exe files.


Be careful out there.

More info:



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